My name is Chelsea Koglmeier and I’m a senior, public policy major at Duke from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have recently become very interested in the documentary arts because I think it’s a persuasive way to show the “face” of a social issue. Although I’m must getting started, my hope is to someday use my skills to encourage aid and poverty alleviation efforts for people in need.

For this project, I worked with an inspiring man named Kevin Burch. He lives in the Phoenix House– the transition home for previously homeless men provided by Housing for New Hope. Kevin and I got along from the start. After he offered to share his story with me, we spent time talking and drinking coffee on 9th street, we went bowling on one-dollar Wednesdays in Durham, we ate hot dogs around the kitchen table at the Phoenix House, and he invited me to sit-in on their Narcotics Anonymous meeting with him and his housemates.

Kevin was unendingly open to sharing his life story. He told me about the challenges of growing up surrounded by drugs and his experiences that eventually led to his incarceration and homelessness. He also explained his current positive attitude, a determination to change his life and move towards a more secure lifestyle.

I learned so much from Kevin and am grateful to have had the opportunity to tell his story.


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