Meet Toni

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My name is Daniella Choi. I am a Duke Junior studying Public Policy and Global Health. While I have been passionate about the health of marginalized populations abroad, I regarded domestic social issues with a passive surrender.  I felt that problems in the United States were somehow too complex and difficult to approach. However, this Documentary Engagement class and my time at Dove House in Durham have shown me that U.S. homelessness is not only complex, but extremely real.

Over the last three months, I ate with the residents, served at Urban Ministries, and talked about Durham and homelessness on the smoking porch at Dove House on Holloway St.  As the residents related their stories to me, I became personally invested in this dire issue of homelessness that looms over Durham. As one former resident said, homelessness “can happen to anyone…It’s not a matter of moral deficiency.” I learned tremendously from the women at Dove House and gained a real world perspective outside of the classrooms at Duke.


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